“It’s all about the routine here, but with major amounts of flexibility added. You need something to cling to for security, but it needs to have wide enough categories to ensure that actually anything goes, pretty much!” – Emma Heron, SEND parent

“Follow your child’s lead. Give them choices and ask: “Which one today?” They will be incredible.” – Michelle Holden, mum to autistic children

“Get a timetable from school so you can see what a normal week looks like. Not so that you can follow it slavishly, but so you can see how to structure the day. If possible chunk the day into: am1, break, am2, lunch, pm1, break, pm2. See what fits, with activities roughly aligned, and remember that work should be playful, and suit the needs of the day. – Julian Lewis, Assistant Headmaster

“Whatever you are doing, you are doing the best you can.” – Bobbie Dove, SEND parent

“We find as many moments for connection in the day as possible. Finding fun and doing things that bring us joy, take precedence over homework. The mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of everyone takes priority over everything else during these stressful times. More dance parties means less stress!” – Stacey Kennedy, mum of an autistic child

“It’s important to do what’s best for your child, and their individual needs. While mine is just cracking on with school stuff, I don’t push her to do anything. I told her to leave her homework on Saturday and do something – anything – else. So, she’s been helping in the garden too.” – Natalie Stansby, mum of an autistic daughter