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The Variety Vodcast series throws a spotlight on some of the charity's wonderful Celebrity Ambassadors, exploring their growing up years, how they got to where they are now, and what supporting Variety means to them. 

Variety's Pod-Ability podcast series explores the unseen, complex challenges facing the parents and families of disabled children, offering in-depth discussion as well as practical suggestions and signposting. Our closed Facebook group offers a safe, private, supportive and understanding space to talk about issues raised by each episode with like-minded parents and families of children with special educational needs and disabilities.

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Educating your disabled child – how to decide what's best

18th February 2020
If your child has special educational needs and disability, or SEND as it’s more commonly known, deciding what school to send them to is a daunting task. Mainstream schools and SEND schools both have their pros and cons. In this episode, we look at education for disabled children and ask how you can decide what’s best for your child. To explore this issue, Pod-Ability host Dan White, himself a parent to disabled daughter Emily, is joined by Yvonne Newbold, author of the book 'The Special Parents Handbook'. She is a parent to three SEND children. Also joining Dan, is Martina Piantina, whose son Karl has cerebral palsy and is a Variety beneficiary.