Leaving a gift in your Will

Remembering Variety in your Will is one of the kindest and most meaningful ways you can help us.

Once your loved ones have been provided for, please consider providing for disabled and disadvantaged children and young people whose families' finances can’t go far enough.


At a glance...

  • We promise that young lives will be improved. This will be your lasting gift.

Do I need to make a Will?

A Will ensures that the proceeds of your estate go to the people or organisations that you wish to benefit from them and in whatever proportion you decide.

If you do not leave a Will then the state will determine how your estate will be divided, to whom and in what proportions. It can be a lengthy process. You can give money to one or more chosen charities in your Will. It is very tax efficient  because charity donations are excluded from inheritance tax.

Charities, like Variety, the Children’s Charity, benefit because every penny of the money you donate can be used to provide for children across the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.

How do I leave a gift in my Will?

There are three main ways to leave a gift in your Will. Your solicitor or financial advisor will be able to check over everything for you but it may be helpful for you to consider  the options below in advance.

  • A Residuary Gift is the gift of either all, or a share of, what is left in your estate after all other gifts to family and friends (plus any taxes and expenses) have been paid.
  • A Pecuniary Gift is a gift of a stated amount of money which is left to a named person, charity or other organisation. Inflation can reduce the value of these gifts over time, so they should be regularly reviewed.
  • A Specific Gift is a gift of a specific item, like a piece of jewellery, furniture or property, rather than a sum of money. The item must be described precisely and the name and address of the person or organisation to whom the gift has been left must be provided.

We are a member of The Goodwill Partnership which is the largest distributor of home-visit solicitor-provided Wills in England and Wales. 

“I was visited by Mr Lovatt from the Goodwill Partnership, at a date and time that suited me. He was extremely professional and efficient. He explained everything in simple terms and took his time to make sure all my wishes were adhered to. I would highly recommend this Will writing service.” - Variety supporter

The Goodwill Partnership charges just £108 + VAT for a single Will. The service includes a free, no obligation home-visit.

Do I need to make a new Will or can I just amend my existing one? 

If you already have a Will and simply want to make some changes, you need to add a codicil. A codicil is a separate instruction that is then kept with, and as part of, your Will. You can download one here or we can send you one.

If you do decide to leave a gift to Variety, the Children’s Charity, you may wish to consider pledging your legacy now. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence. You don’t have to be specific about any details at this stage but it will help us, when planning the help we can provide to future beneficiaries, to know what gifts have been promised.

It is entirely your decision to tell us if you are leaving a gift in your Will but if you would like to discuss any aspects of leaving a gift to Variety we will be happy to help you in any way we can. All conversations are treated in the strictest confidence. Alternatively, you can complete our confidential legacy pledge form.

Please note that you have our absolute assurance that it is totally against Variety’s fundraising policy to make unsolicited phone calls to potential donors.

How will a gift to variety in my Will help children? 

For every child we can help, there is another we can’t. Join us and make sure that every sick, disabled or disadvantaged child that needs our help gets it. Read about some of the children we have helped.

More Information

For more information, please contact us at community@variety.org.uk or 020 7428 8100.

You can also write to:

Hannah Prime
Variety, the Children's Charity
Variety House
 93 Bayham Street
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