Coach Sponsorship

Variety has been providing its iconic sunshine coach to schools and other organisations catering for children with additional needs for more than 55 years.

Pupils with additional needs; often associated with physical and learning disabilities, autism, sensory impairments and complex medical conditions can sometimes be confined to just home or the school environment.

Coach Sponsorship

Having their own coach allows schools to plan trips for educational, vocational and recreational purposes that help to develop the young minds of their pupils as well as help them to be a part of their community.

  • A Variety Sunshine Coach has an average on road lifespan of 15 years
  • Over its lifetime is used on average 600 weeks or 3,000 days
  • Providing on average 10,000 trips

“For students to become valued members of their community they need to spend a significant part of their school day in the local community. This allows them to develop a range of skills including life skills and independence and enables them to contribute in a meaningful way to their future lives. It also provides opportunities to be in the fresh air, have fun and create memories with their peers. Without a means of transport to allow them to access the community, none of this would be possible”

- Sunshine Coach Beneficiary

Sunshine Coach sponsors have their logo displayed on both side doors and one back door for the lifetime of the coach whilst travelling around the communities in which they may have a business or special interest.

Coach Sponsorship

The coach is presented by the sponsor to the beneficiary school at a special assembly where they see first-hand what a gift the coach is for the pupils; enabling them to have learning, sports and recreational experiences that without the coach they would not have. Click here to view our recent Sunshine Coach stories.

Sponsorship schedule

  • 14 Seater coach sponsorship @ £21,000
  • 17 Seater coach sponsorship @ £22,750
  • 13 Seater accessible coach sponsorship @ £27,000
  • 17 Seater accessible coach sponsorship @ £30,250

If you would like to know more about Variety’s Sunshine Coach programme please contact Jalpa Patel on 020 7428 8108