Supporting children with sensory needs at home

Use Variety’s new guide to create fun sensory activities for your child.

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Being stuck at home is tough.

Download 'Make your own sensory kit at home!' HERE

We know that it can be hard to keep your children stimulated, focused, and calm in the current lockdown situation, when you are not able to get out and access activities as usual.

In order to help parents support their childrens’ sensory needs, Variety has developed a great new guide to making your own sensory resources at home. All of the ideas can be made from items lying around the house or, if not, they can be picked up easily and cheaply.

The guide will be of particular benefit for children and young people with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or other conditions which affect a child’s sensory profile. Packed with over 30 ideas for how to provide stimulation across all the senses, many of the activities will also help reduce anxiety, irrespective of whether there is an underlying health condition.

If your child is struggling to process their sensory inputs, constantly fidgets, finds it difficult to concentrate, has increased levels of anxiety or can become agitated quickly then this no-nonsense guide might be for you. These simple, practical tips and tricks will help make life easier and calmer while at home or out and about.

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It also comes with a handy style guide so you can easily find the ideas that are suited to your child's sensory needs.

PDF icon Download the guide for free now, and try some of the ideas out for yourself. We’d love to hear how you get on so do let us know what you’ve enjoyed making most, either on social media, @VarietyGB, or by email: 


If you're looking for information about Variety's sensory starter kits, please email